“In Awe”

I was in awe of the work Ellen had done on her own home and I quickly hired her to redesign mine. She is truly an artist! She helped with picking and putting together colors and she even took time to sit down with my daughter, and put together a room that any young teenager would have loved!

In August of 2017, my home was flooded and destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. We lost everything. As we began the process of rebuilding our home, I immediately thought of Ellen. With her help, my house is more beautiful than it was before! She used new paint techniques and styles, and all her products were environmentally safe.

- Gail

“Work of Art”

Ellen Prejean spent many months decorating my home. She is the most creative and attention to detail artist I have ever hired or known. Because of her, every wall and ceiling in my home is a beautiful master “work of art”.

- Ruth


Once inside a room created by Ellen, you are wrapped in life, nature and culture. Her timeless and original work includes layers of color and plaster, and she uses multiple magical techniques to create room-sized pieces of art.

Ellen’s attention to detail and professionalism are inspiring. She continues to be guided to add more possibilities and inspirational ideas to her repertoire, taking our simple hopes and making them majestic.

No home will be the same after the work of this blessed artist.

- Kate

“Our Resource”

During the construction of our house in Kingwood, we knew that we needed a person to help us with the myriad of decisions needed to be made. We were most fortunate to have Ellen as our resource. Ellen traveled with us to the building design center and advised us during the pre-construction phase to help with every decision in regards to decorating and style. She helped us select the hardwood flooring, tile, carpeting, granite, and cabinetry. She worked tirelessly through the construction to take the builder's materials and customize them. One example is our fireplace where she custom painted the hearth and then hand finished the natural wood mantle. The results were amazing!

After the initial construction was completed, Ellen continued working with us and helped customize the interior. She had a multitude of skills and products that she used to customize the home and get away from the cookie cutter look that is prevalent in today’s construction. Ellen brought ideas and products that we did not know existed. In one of our rooms, she developed a look of antique stone using hand-made wallpaper that she created. The 'stones' have actual grout between them and offer the look of depth and vibrant color. One of our favorites was her technique of custom blending clay and applying it to walls in place of paint. Ellen selected this technique on several alcoves and we loved it so much that we had her do the process in the master bath. The results were stunning but the best was yet to come as she used this product to fix a big problem….

Our house has a dedicated theatre room and after we installed a high quality projector and surround sound system, we encountered the issue that the walls were painted a light color and light was bouncing all over the room detracting from the home theatre experience. We offered the challenge to Ellen and she custom mixed a dark slate grey clay and applied it to the walls. She then used her artistic freedom and applied a dark nightfall color to the ceiling with sparkling mica to offer us the visual appeal of nighttime star-filled sky. The clay could not have been more perfect in the media room as it absorbed all of the light that was being reflected by the projector screen and created a dynamic environment that enhanced the media room experience. Ellen also helped us select the perfect furniture to complement the experience.

After a break, we focused our attention on the one shortfall of our house. We had a very small patio and after having it expanded, we pulled Ellen back to work to help finish the job. We had a bare concrete slab and wanted a finish that was atypical and Ellen delivered. She handcrafted an external clay that combined our love of the outdoors and the beach and finished the floor to make it the perfect place to relax.

Ellen’s artistic abilities are exemplary and most important is her ability to speak in a simple clear way to help you understand her vision and visualize the end result. Another important attribute is her ability to listen and incorporate your sense of style and budget. She is very cost conscious and offers alternatives and a recommended list of contractors that she has history with and can be trusted.

Ellen created a huge impact on our building experience and the enjoyment of our house. We also have no doubt that when the times comes to sell our house, her contribution will help differentiate us in the market.

- Mike & Judy

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